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Toronto Beaches Dog Walk

In support of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program

Doctor Jones and his Irish Wolfhound, Fergus, have been a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Team for nearly three years. Before the COVID pandemic they visited patients in palliative care and mental health wards at two local hospitals weekly. November 2020 Fergus was awarded his Child Friendly status enabling them to visit pediatric wards and children hospitals.
Doctor Jones has described Fergus as being perfect for this job. Many patients do not have the ability to pet a dog but Fergus' height allows him to rest his head on their hands providing much appreciated comfort. He really is a gentle giant.
He's hopeful that in time his puppy Ronan will also be able to join the program.
Dr. Jones is also a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Evaluator In Training, calling on his background in veterinary medicine and many years of treating dogs of various temperaments. 
On November 9th, 2020, Dr. Jones, Fergus, and Ronan did the first annual Beaches Dog Walk for the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program to raise funds. Since COVID hit, the program has been put on hold, impacting the patient care the Teams provided. Corporate visits, a significant income stream for the Therapy Dog Program,  have also stopped, leaving the Therapy Dog Program without an income stream.
Please click on the link to read more about the program, and consider joining us in 2021 for the walk!

SJA Therapy Dog Program: About
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