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Surgical Procedures

Surgical Procedures: Services


Dr. Jones and his team ensure your pet is as safe as possible when he or she is having anesthesia at our facility. We administer anesthesia using a Cardell 9500 monitoring system that allows us to keep track of all vital signs including CO2, blood pressure, EGC, respiration and temperature.

General Surgical Procedures

We provide on-site surgical repair for a full range of commonly seen conditions including but not limited to:​

  • Spay/Neuter - tailored to your pet's needs

  • Intestinal surgery for obstruction, cancer, and/or diagnostic biopsy

  • Sub-total colectomy for chronically constipated cats

  • Urethostomy for non-reversible urinary blockage in male cats

  • Removal of diseased anal glands

  • Lump removals

Specialized Surgery

Dogs of all ages and sizes often get injured when running around and playing, or sometimes by carrying too much weight. Just like humans, their knees and hips bear a great deal of impact. Dr. Jones specializes in numerous orthopaedic surgeries to help your pets get back to their fun, playful selves.​

  • Cranial Cruciate repair for all sized dogs

    • There are two types of repairs for this ligament:

      • Extra-capsular Repair is a more traditional surgery which involves a strong suture being passed around and through the knee joint to take the place of the torn cruciate ligament. 

      • TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy) is a more modern approach which changes the angle of the bones in the knee, stabilizing it without the need for the torn cruciate or meniscus ligaments.

  • More common, but not limited to  smaller breed dogs, a luxating patella, is a more technical term for a dislocated knee which does not go back into place and allow the dog to bend its knee normally. The corrective surgery is required when the degree of severity considerably effects the dog's quality of life and reaches a point where it can lead to disease of the joint. 

  • FHO (femoral head osteotomy) is a surgery which involves permanently removing the head and neck of the femur (or thigh bone) and can be required for various reasons. It allows for greater mobility and comfort for those who undergo the procedure. 

Dental Cleaning and Oral Procedures

Dental health is as important to your pet’s overall health as it is to your's and diseased teeth cause as much pain in animals as it does in humans. We offer a full range of dental services from basic oral hygiene, including professional dental cleaning and polishing, to digital dental radiography and oral surgery.

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